5 Instances You Will Require a Locksmith for Your Safe

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Having a safe in the house or office is one of the best security measures one can take to safeguard valuables. Unfortunately, nothing in this world is foolproof, and even a good safe can let you down. That is why you need the contacts of a good locksmith at hand who can come to your aid when you need professional services. Here are five of such instances where you will need to call a locksmith because of the safe.

Maintenance of the safe

It is impossible to emphasize enough the importance of servicing mechanical equipment regularly. A safe has to be well maintained and serviced by a professional locksmith at least once a year to ensure everything is working in order. Lubricating the parts and correcting a few issues here and there during service will prevent major problems or a breakdown in future.

Jamming issues

Many issues can cause the lock bolt on a safe to jam—meaning you can't be able to open it. Extreme force, mishandling, and failure to service a safe are some of the most common causes of this problem, and only locksmiths can realign the bolts so the safe can open.

Lost Keys/Combination

It is very unfortunate but also very common to lose keys or forget the safe combination and passwords. When this happens, and you can't access the contents of your safe, the only way out is to call a locksmith to open the safe. There are also situations where a child inherits a safe full of documents or cash after a parent dies unexpectedly, so they don't have the keys or the combination. Apart from opening the safe, a locksmith will also help you to replace the lock with a new one.


The great thing about having a safe is that not very many people know how to open them without a key or the combination. If there is theft in the office or at home, thieves will likely try to break into your safe because that's where valuables are. Using such force will definitely cause some form of damage to the locks, and you need a locksmith to check it out and align the bolts back together to avoid jamming in future.

Internal Wiring Damage

If you have the correct combination and key and the safe is not opening, the problem could be damage to the inner wiring, meaning that the signal from the keypad is not getting to the lock. It could also be that the combination has shifted over time, but that is very rare. A locksmith will check to see if the wiring is done correctly and repair any damage.