3 Ways To Tell Real Buyers Apart From Browsers

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If you've ever been to an open inspection, you'll know how many prospective buyers wandering through properties for sale.  But this could make it hard when you're selling your own because how can you tell real homebuyers apart from browsers? While your real estate agent will generally do the initial groundwork, it pays to be an informed home seller. This guide aims to help you distinguish between real buyers and browsers.

Find Out Whether They Have Conditional Finance Approval

Genuinely interested homebuyers would likely have done a fair bit of groundwork before commencing their search for a new home. This would include going to a lender to obtain conditional finance approval. Browsers typically just want to get a feel of the market and will likely be a long time away from being in a position to buy. In order to ensure that you're negotiating with the real deal, get your agent to find out whether interested prospects have already obtained conditional finance approval from home lenders.

Pay Attention To The Questions Being Asked

If you're attending the home inspection along with your agent, pay close attention to the kinds of questions being asked. Real buyers will likely have more questions about the home than browsers. For example, they may want to know about the age of the property, terms of the sales contract, condition of the property, negotiability of the asking price, timing for sale, reason for sale, other offers on the home and major repairs needed among others. The more targeted and specific the questions are, the more interested the buyer is in your property. Truly interested buyers tend to hang around for longer than browsers, and will take the time to have a genuine conversation with your agent.

Watch Out For Delaying Tactics

Keep in mind that genuinely interested homebuyers would likely be in a hurry to move into their new homes, so watch out for people who attempt to use delaying tactics when talking to you or your real estate agent about the property. Buyers who employ delaying tactics or make some excuses about when they want the home will likely just be browsing and may simply want to enhance their industry knowledge for the future. Home browsers also typically evade sharing their personal and professional details with you or your agent, so there's no need to waste any more time with them.

Being able to tell real buyers apart from browsers will help you focus on the right people who are genuinely interested in purchasing your property. For more information, contact companies like Carter Real Estate