4 Ways To Maximise Value From A Retirement Home

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Retirement villages have become popular with many retired Australians who prefer the convenience of security-enabled premises with minimal maintenance requirements. Catering to the older generation, these retirement homes have plenty on offer. But choosing the right one depends on several factors. Here are some ways to maximise value from a retirement home.

Choose A Ground Level Home

Most retirement villages offer homes on the ground or first floor. Either option may suit you at the moment, but as you get older, your ability to climb staircases may be restricted. In some instances, older people may end up having to use a wheelchair. This could result in you being confined to your home if there's no proper wheelchair access. As a way to ensure that you don't have this problem, your best option is to choose a home on the ground level of the retirement village.

Make Sure Visitors Have Parking

Choosing to live in a retirement village doesn't mean you have to give up your previous life. You can still entertain guests at your new home, so make sure the village you choose offers ample visitor parking, so that your guests are comfortable when visiting you. This is especially important when you have kids or grandkids who come over to check on you often.

Access To Nearby Neighbourhood Facilities

When you get older, you naturally can't travel as easily as you could before. You'll probably want to be as close as possible to neighbourhood facilities like doctors, hospitals, chemists, shops, libraries, public transport and clubs. An ideal retirement village is within walking distance to as many local facilities as possible, so check this before making a decision. Some retirement villages offer free pick-up and drop-off transport services to nearby neighbourhood facilities, which will work to your advantage.

Choose A Pet-Friendly Village

Getting old brings with it a sense of loneliness, which is why having a pet can make the ageing process much easier. If you like the idea of having a pet to keep you company, then it's important that you choose a pet-friendly village. A pet-friendly village not only allows you to keep your pet in your home, but will also offer facilities like dog and cat washes to make your life easier.

A retirement village is certainly not the end. In fact, for many people, this option gives them a renewed lease on life with the numerous facilities it offers. Consider these ways to maximise the value you get from your retirement home.